7 Ways to Get Quick Cash Today

Everyone has their reasons for needing more financial breathing room. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to get cash quickly. Here are 7 ways you can get started today:



1. Surveys, Email, Radio – Numerous websites pay you to do things you may have already enjoyed doing for free. This includes listening to the radio, reading emails from advertisers, and taking surveys distributed by organizations. While there are millions of options when it comes to these methods, only a few are worthy of recommending. The best website is “Inbox dollars”. This company will pay you up to 120$ a year to simply listen to their stations. Once you reach 30 dollars in earnings, they’ll begin sending you your checks in the mail.


2. Quick loan companies – A more traditional way is to apply for quick cash loans. There are plenty of lenders that have to ability to lend cash and quickly. Some lenders can do so the same day while others may take a day to process and fund your loan. Most of the short-term lenders will have higher interest rates compared to a traditional loan.

3. Sharing information with companies – Many companies, perhaps Google being the most well-known, will pay good money for app users to install their app on their iPhone or other device. In addition, for each month that you keep that app on your phone they will send you more money. The reason is that the apps themselves help these companies collect the data necessary to understand the market. By downloading just a few such as “Smart Panel” or “Media Insiders Panel”, you can accumulate up to a few hundred extra dollars each year.

4. Writing to congress – For those who are naturally interested in political matters, earning extra money with a grassroots advocacy group will sound too easy. Groups such as “Next Wave Advocacy” or “DDC Advocacy” have operations that focus on what can be achieved while at home. In order to run grassroots campaigns, they pay people to call and write to government officials or professional advocates. While hours vary, this work could actually turn into a part time job and earn you as much as 20$ an hour.

5. Write for a blog – Take it from someone using this very method right now. Blogs will pay money to have others help them produce their content. Some blogs will even pay up to 100$ per article. Many people doubt that they could ever make money writing because they are not established in the writing world. Well, this is one sure fire way to begin. All you need is a bit of creativity.

6. Old Stuff – Few people don’t have some extra stuff laying around waiting to be used. Try getting rid of it by selling it online to local shoppers. I can’t count how many times I’ve successfully sold an item like an old skateboard, electronic water boiler, coffee maker, or microwave on Craigslist to someone living in my area. It’s the perfect way to get an extra 50 dollars quickly.

7. Some take photos with friends – For those with a naturally photogenic eye, you might really enjoy this newly emerging money making method. First step, find some scenery to capture that is marketable. Take a quality photo and save it. Next download an app called “Foap”. It’s an easy way to monetize your photos. Once someone buys the license to your photos from Foap for 10 dollars, you’ll make 5. Think about it, if that same photo sells many times over, you’ll make five dollars each time, all for a small amount of work in terms of time.


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