Tips on Teaching Kids to Save Money

It is really important that children learn how to handle money. If they can learn lessons as a child, then they will be able to use this good financial education when they have their own household to run. There are things that you can do to help them to understand about saving money.   Give Them Pocket Money   Some people may think that giving children pocket money will just encourage them to spend. However, if they never have money to spend, they will never start to understand about how much things cost. Even if they are just learning that…


Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Fast

It’s almost time to get back to school, and you know what that means--you need money for food, books and other student fees that seem to increase every year. The good news is there are plenty of creative ways to make some money as a college student. These methods don’t require a huge amount of time or much long-term effort either.   Do Microjobs   Sites such as Fiverr and Fourerr allow you to sell your services in a creative way and make a few dollars along the way. These services can be such things as creating an image or…


Options When Upside Down on Your Car Loan

It is quite common of new-car buyers who enter a dealer’s showroom to have a current vehicle to trade in, in which they owe more on it than what it is worth. If you owe more money on something than it is worth then it is known as “upside down.” This applies to about half of all people who purchase new cars. However, this issue did not used to be as common, in fact in the past buyers would buy a car and make payments on it until it was fully paid off. However, with an increase in incentives and…


How to Save Money on Summer Trips

With the summer holidays swiftly approaching, the smart vacation planner will be on the lookout for the best deals possible. There are numerous ways to save cash, ranging from packing lunches to going on non-holiday weekends. Here are a couple of suggestions.   Plan and Pack Your Meals   Going to a restaurant might seem like a good idea. The new cuisine and the convenience of not having to cook can be a nice change of pace. However, this treat can swiftly consume even the most frugal of holiday goer’s budget. The reason for this is markup. The restaurant must…


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