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30 Oct, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Lindgren Financial welcomes guest post from contributors who want to submit well written, thought-provoking pieces that can help our readers by offering a new perspective on certain subjects. If that’s you, please read through the guidelines before submitting your request.   What your article should do:   Provide information Answer questions Be detailed and unique Be relevant and not already covered Be of good quality   Topics that are acceptable:   Bad Credit Insurance Loans Money Startups Tips Anything


Tips on Teaching Kids to Save Money

18 Oct, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

It is really important that children learn how to handle money. If they can learn lessons as a child, then they will be able to use this good financial education when they have their own household to run. There are things that you can do to help them to understand about saving money. Give Them Pocket Money Some people may think that giving children pocket money will just encourage them to spend. However, if they never have money to spend, they will never start to understand about how much things


How Car Dealers Take Advantage of People with Bad Credit

07 Oct, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Buying a car can be a stressful event for those with limited means. In particular, the fear of not qualifying for a loan, or it being too expensive, will drive people to look at questionable dealerships promising to work with anyone, regardless of credit history. The problems with these companies all lie in the fact that they profit off of interest, rather than the car themselves. High Interest Rates People with poorer credit do not qualify for lower interest rates. Car dealerships know this, and


Tricks for Eating Healthy on a Budget

01 Oct, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Although eating healthy on a budget is indeed more difficult, it is not impossible, and so being low on money should not be an excuse to eat poorly. Luckily there are ways to eat a nutritious meal without breaking the bank. Here are five ways of cooking a delicious as well as healthy meal when you are on a tight budget. Make Food that’s Microwavable When on a budget it isn’t a savvy move to make things that won’t be edible when reheated or cold the next day. This means avoiding crispy food


Items to Avoid Buying Before Your Child Heads Back to School

02 Sep, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Some school-related items won’t drop in price until after the back-to-school sales are over. Plus, if you rush to buy everything now, you might discover that many of those purchases weren’t necessary once classes start. So to avoid spending more than you have to, here are seven things you should avoid buying before your child heads back to school. Fall Clothes Although many retailers are offering small sales on clothes during their back-to-school sale, you most likely won’t get the best deals


Options When Upside Down on Your Car Loan

18 Aug, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

It is quite common of new-car buyers who enter a dealer’s showroom to have a current vehicle to trade in, in which they owe more on it than what it is worth. If you owe more money on something than it is worth then it is known as “upside down.” This applies to about half of all people who purchase new cars. However, this issue did not used to be as common, in fact in the past buyers would buy a car and make payments on it until it was fully paid off. However, with an increase in incentives


Payday Advance Vs Going to a Pawn Store

09 Aug, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Emergencies pop up from time-to-time and money isn’t always available to take care of those emergencies. It is important to know that you have options to help you get the funds you need. Payday loans and visiting a pawn store are two of the most commonly used options to help you deal with those emergencies. Each has benefits and drawbacks, which are discussed below. Advantages of Obtaining a Payday Advance Payday loans are quite convenient. The amount that you are qualified to borrow is based upon


7 Sneaky Credit Card Fees

21 Jul, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

The credit card companies are trying their best in order to regain the losses they are going to experience as a direct result of the Credit CARD Act that just came into play. Although this act will reduce and prevent various types of fees, the credit card companies are finding ways around the regulations in order to still charge their customers with excessive fees. Here are seven such fees that credit card companies are being sneaky about. Ensure that you look at these thoroughly if you are thinking