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Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Fast

11 Jul, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

It’s almost time to get back to school, and you know what that means–you need money for food, books and other student fees that seem to increase every year. The good news is there are plenty of creative ways to make some money as a college student. These methods don’t require a huge amount of time or much long-term effort either. Do Microjobs Sites such as Fiverr and Fourerr allow you to sell your services in a creative way and make a few dollars along the way. These services can be such things


Tips for Disputing Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

03 Jul, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

If you have recently noticed fraudulent credit card charges on your statement, you need to know the proper steps to get them removed. Some credit card companies require you to simply call them to have charges removed, but most of them require a few more steps to be taken. If you found that someone has been charging things to your credit card that you did not know about, follow these simple steps to have them disputed and removed. Call Your Credit Card Company The best way to start the disputing


Drawbacks of Moving Abroad to Escape Debt

12 Jun, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

If you’re drowning in debt and are unable to foresee yourself getting out of it then the idea might have popped into your head to move to a different country in order to run away from your debts. There are many people out there who head to Belize, Ecuador, Panama, etc. just to get away from their financial situation. However, relocating abroad isn’t the cure-all to getting out of debt, as financial problems don’t just dissipate. Here are some downfalls that may come your way if you attempt


How Bad Credit Can Cost You That Dream Job

05 Jun, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Many people do not consider that having a bad credit record could affect their employment prospects. However, potential employers have a right to look at credit records and having a bad record may cause them to feel that you are not employable. The reason or this is that not being good with money may cause people to draw negative conclusions about you. Examples of some of these are explained in more detail below. Bad Head for Numbers If you cannot get your bank account to balance each month it may


How to Save Money on Summer Trips

26 Apr, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

With the summer holidays swiftly approaching, the smart vacation planner will be on the lookout for the best deals possible. There are numerous ways to save cash, ranging from packing lunches to going on non-holiday weekends. Here are a couple of suggestions. Plan and Pack Your Meals Going to a restaurant might seem like a good idea. The new cuisine and the convenience of not having to cook can be a nice change of pace. However, this treat can swiftly consume even the most frugal of holiday goer’s


Hazardous Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

02 Apr, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

The average American family has nearly $16,000 in credit card debt. When you are in credit card debt, it can feel suffocating, as if you will never be able to escape the debt trap. Credit cards can carry very high interest rates, and your interest rate can rise significantly if you are ever late with making a payment or if you exceed the limit on any of your credit cards. Making the minimum payment on credit cards means you will pay significantly more than the value of the items you purchased on


How to Keep Unpaid Medical Debt from Ruining Your Credit

21 Mar, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

If you have a medical bill that has ended up in collections then it has likely hurt your credit score a lot more than it actually should have. This was at least the conclusion that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau came to after they studied over 5 million credit reports at the beginning of the year. This federal regulator kept track of how well the credit scores of people actually predicted how credit worthy they were after the medical bills appeared on their credit reports. They found that


Will the Request for a Credit Limit Increase Hurt my Credit?

07 Mar, 2018 / By Jennifer Hamilton

It is a common myth to believe that requesting a credit limit increase will hurt your credit score. In fact, the opposite is true in many cases – requesting a higher credit limit can benefit your credit score as long as you are responsible with your available credit. Of course, there are certain situations when it can hurt, which is why being an informed consumer is the best option. Before you ask for an increase, find out how this new credit could help or hurt your particular situation. More Credit