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How to find Bad Credit Jewelry Financing

04 Sep, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Some jewelry stores are very strict on their credit policies. It is also difficult to obtain a credit card if your credit score is under 600. The interest rates alone are enough to almost double payments in some cases. A couple of options are available to obtain an expensive, or special, piece of jewelry even with less than perfect credit. Consider Layaway Instead Layaway is offered by most jewelry stores. This gives you an option to make payments over a short period of time to have that special


Hidden Moving Cost That You Need to Know About

18 Aug, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Moving is often a huge headache, and it seems like no matter how much you plan it out, there will always be something you missed. Here are five hidden moving costs you should keep in mind before planning your next big move. Cost of a Truck If you are moving your stuff on your own it will cost a lot more than just the actual cost of the truck rental. You may have to pay for insurance if your auto insurance or credit card company doesn’t cover it. You also have to pay for gas, as most truck rental


Tips to Save Money While in College

07 Aug, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

College time is a fun time, not just because you can make new friends while receiving a professional formation, but also because this is the time when you start to move away from your parents’ home and living independently which is an open invitation to explore new and exciting horizons. However all this excitement will crash as soon as you start understanding why your parents complain about household expenses, because college time is also the time when you begin to pay for your own expenses and


Best Type of Bad Credit Business Credit Cards

27 Jul, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Even as a business owner, your credit matters. The drawback to having bad credit as an individual is that it does carry over to your business accounts. What you can expect is a lower spending limit with higher interest rates for the account/s that you can get approved for. It is important to make your payments on time and pay more than the minimum balance each month. Options from Capital One Even with less than perfect credit, you may still be able to gain approval for a Capital One business credit


Tips for Sharing Expenses When Going Out with Friends

06 Jul, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Even if you and your group of friends are financially savvy professionals, it’s all too common to be reduced to bumbling incompetent consumers when it comes to splitting the expenses of your outing. It could be the taboo of discussing money in public or it could be the avoidance of social spending. On top of this, if you’re not careful you can end up spending more than you intended to. Luckily you can have a great time with your friends without stressing about how to split the bill. Here are


Why Payday Advances Can Be Dangerous

21 Jun, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Payday Advance Loans are advertised as a good way to handle a temporary shortfall right before getting a paycheck. On the surface, these loans appear to offer a vital service enabling hard working men and women to handle expenses while waiting to get paid. However, the interest charged on these loans can easily overwhelm the principal, creating a situation that even a member of the mafia would be too shocked to participate in. Here are some ways that Payday Advances can be truly dangerous to your


How to Overcome Bad Credit

02 Jun, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

Having a bad credit rating can be difficult. It will mean that you will be unable to get credit for other things that you need and it may stop you from getting a mortgage as well. If you can borrow money, you will be seen as more of a risk and will be charged a higher rate of interest as a result. You may therefore want to repair your credit rating so that you can have more opportunities in the future. Pay Bills On-time By paying all of your bills on time, you will be able to prove that you are a


Modern Day Tipping Guidelines

19 May, 2016 / By Jennifer Hamilton

It seems that wherever you go there is a tip jar asking for a few dollars. Even at take-out joints and fast food restaurants it appears that it is expected to hand over a few dollars. However, with such shifting formalities of expected tipping practices it can be easy to mix up how much money you should tip to reward someone for their good service. It is not just restaurants that you have to tip either, as many service providers expect a reward. Restaurants Everyone knows that it is customary to