Hidden Moving Cost That You Need to Know About

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Moving is often a huge headache, and it seems like no matter how much you plan it out, there will always be something you missed. Here are five hidden moving costs you should keep in mind before planning your next big move.

Cost of a Truck

If you are moving your stuff on your own it will cost a lot more than just the actual cost of the truck rental. You may have to pay for insurance if your auto insurance or credit card company doesn’t cover it. You also have to pay for gas, as most truck rental companies require that you return their vehicle with a full tank. Keep in mind that truck rental contracts only allow you a specific amount of miles, so make sure you won’t go over that, otherwise you will be subject to fines.

Home Damage

Moving has its toll on your house, from scratched walls to damaged carpets. If you damage your house in anyway during the process of moving out, you will be liable to pay for the cost of repair. If you are utilizing professional movers, inquire about their damage responsibility policy before you hire them.

Cleaning Costs

You will need to leave your old house sparkling, so it is up to your discretion on whether you want to do it yourself, making the only cost your time and supplies, or hire a professional cleaning service. Depending on the condition of your new home, you may want to get it cleaned as well.

Additional Charges for Large Items

If you are using a professional moving service and have over-sized furniture you will be subject to additional costs. It is important to be aware of this hidden moving expense, especially if you are moving pool tables, motorcycles, pianos, wall units, playgrounds, and other difficult to transport items. If you do have a piano, it may have to be lifted by a crane, which will cost you an additional $700-$2500. Prices also depend on how accessible your house or apartment is. You may be charged for every flight of stairs to your floor.

Cost of Packing Supplies

If you are using a professional service, packing services and packing material are included in your full moving package. However, they may not be included in your cost estimate of your move. It is very common to end up with additional moving expenses for extra boxes that are not counted on the estimate as well. Usually moving companies will explain these costs by saying that your items require special packing materials or extra packing boxes as an additional safety measure during its transportation, this leads to hidden moving costs that you have no way of avoiding. Unfortunately, hidden moving expenses by ways of additional packing fines are very frequent. Be prepared for your cost estimate of your moving expenditures to increase drastically. To avoid any moving scams, always read the fine print of any contract you sign. The fact that your cost estimate doesn’t include extra packing supplies should be mentioned in your contract.

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