How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner for Less Than $30

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When you are on a tight budget, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time. After all, the price of food seems just to be going up. However, you can put together a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for $30 or less just by using some of these ingenious cooking tips. We’ve come up with nine tips to host a wonderful Thanksgiving meal full of cheer and spending time with your loved ones while still staying within your budget. Here are nine ways to spend $30 or less on your Thanksgiving meal.

Use Canned and Boxed Food When Possible

When you want to save money, canned and boxed food is the way to go. You’ll find that candied yams are just as good in a can as they are fresh, and the canned version will save you several dollars. Thanksgiving cooking is about feeding many mouths and usually it is a lot cheaper to purchase two or three cans of an item that comes all prepared instead of the ingredients that go into cooking a particular dish. For example, you can avoid buying all the ingredients that have to be purchased when making homemade candied yams like maple syrup, sweet potatoes, cream, etc.

Use Frozen Veggies

Purchase frozen veggies. Although the preparation can be a little harder if you want to roast or grill them, you’ll find the taste to be just as delicious. In most cases, you’ll want to defrost the veggies before using them, but this can simply be done using a microwave’s defrost settings.

Ask Guests to Bring Over Wine

You should avoid spending money on alcohol altogether to keep the cost of your Thanksgiving meal down. However, if you must have wine at dinner, then ask your guests to bring a bottle, as it can be a great way for them to contribute to the meal.

Prepare a Turkey

It is Thanksgiving after all. However, purchasing a turkey for Thanksgiving is also extremely economical, as the prices have been slashed to the bone this year. This means avoiding the ham, even if you like it. Many stores are cutting their turkey prices to get customers through their door so make sure to comparison shop to find the best deal.

Coupon Clip

If you are not a dedicated coupon clipper, then it is never too late to start, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. You’ll find plenty of steals and deals on Thanksgiving food products in the weeks approaching the big day. Most of these products on sale are name brands, and so it can be an excellent way to get the products you actually want without the steeper price.

Price Match

Price matching often applies to your Thanksgiving turkey too. Don’t be afraid to ask your local grocery store if they will match a competitor’s price if you bring proof of that price. The same thing applies to rebates as well.

Use Refrigerated Buttermilk Biscuits

Refrigerated buttermilk biscuits are an excellent compromise between taste and convenience. They are still extremely fresh, but also easy to make and cheaper. Additionally, you will likely be able to find a coupon on them to make them even more affordable.

Used Boxed Stuffing

You’ll likely be able to find a great deal on boxed stuffing. However, you may be able to get away with spending nothing at all if you have a few leftover slices of bread or rolls in your frozen food stuff. You can use this to make your Thanksgiving stuffing, and no one will be of the wiser.

Make Pumpkin Pie Yourself

Although the pre-made version is not that expensive, you can cut the cost of a pumpkin pie by almost 50 percent by making it at home. Additionally, doing so will give you bragging rights that it is homemade. Use piecrust mix and canned pie filling to save on both ingredients and time.

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