How to Make Easy Money With Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is a way to earn free items through a search engine that rewards you for searching. You can use Swagbucks like Google in order to search for anything you want, however with Swagbucks you’ll be rewarded a random amount of Swagbucks a few times per day. These can be redeemed for a wide variety of free items such as Starbucks gift cards, Amazon gift cards, etc. In fact, even though Swagbucks started off as just a search engine, it has now turned into much more, giving users many different means of earning Swagbucks. Here are some ways to make money fast with Swagbucks.

Get the Swagbucks Toolbar

You may conduct searches on the Internet by going to the Swagbucks homepage, or you can make it easier on yourself by simply installing the Swagbucks toolbar. This will allow you to do all your searches on Swagbucks very easily, which will earn you even more rewards. Additionally, by downloading the toolbar you will sporadically receive notifications about free Swagbucks codes.

Keep Updated With the Swagbucks Blog

If you don’t follow the Swagbucks’ blog then you’re missing plenty of opportunities to obtain free Swagbucks codes. In fact, Swagbucks releases about one free code each day. Additionally, you’ll be informed about any giveaways that are happening and anything new going on with Swagbucks.

Bookmark the Pages You See Each Day

If you have websites that you go to on a regular basis, such as Facebook or Yahoo, it is quite a savvy move to search for them using the Swagbucks search engine and then bookmark the resulting page. Click on the bookmarked page whenever you want to visit the website in order to automatically re-search the page and rack up easy Swagbucks.

Print Out Coupons

You are now able to earn ten Swagbucks for each coupon that you print out and use from the selection available at Swagbucks. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to get Swagbucks for the coupons that you actually use, you can’t just print them off. On top of this, it takes about twelve weeks for the points to be posted onto your account once you use the coupon.

Watch TV on Swagbucks

Watch TV on the Swagbucks’ TV page in order to earn three Swagbucks. You must watch ten videos that range from one to five minutes in order to earn your bucks, however you can simply turn them on and enter a different tab while you let them play in order to earn easy Swagbucks everyday. You can earn as much as twenty-five three point rewards in a twenty-four hour time period for a total of seventy-five points.

Do the Daily Poll

Everyday Swagbucks puts a simple poll on their home page. All you have to do is to answer an easy question in order to earn one Swagbuck per day. It’s very simple and will only take you about ten seconds to complete.

Perform a Task

Swagbucks lets their users perform different tasks online in order to earn anywhere from 16 to 50 Swagbucks. Each task is different, and you will receive an estimate of how long each task will take you to complete.

However, this means earning Swagbucks isn’t highly recommended unless you have a lot of time to spare and like to do online research. Keep in mind that for the time it takes you to complete these tasks; you are earning nowhere near even the equivalent of minimum wage. The special offers on Swagbucks on the other hand can be more worth your time.

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