Items to Avoid Buying Before Your Child Heads Back to School

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Some school-related items won’t drop in price until after the back-to-school sales are over. Plus, if you rush to buy everything now, you might discover that many of those purchases weren’t necessary once classes start. So to avoid spending more than you have to, here are seven things you should avoid buying before your child heads back to school.

Fall Clothes

Although many retailers are offering small sales on clothes during their back-to-school sale, you most likely won’t get the best deals until mid fall. If you hold off on doing most of your kid’s back to school clothes shopping until then, then you can snag deals of up to 50%, which is well worth the wait. On top of this, by waiting until your child has spent some time in school you can ensure that they won’t purchase clothes they won’t think are cool enough in a few weeks because other kids aren’t wearing them. If your kid needs some new clothes before school starts then it is recommended that you take advantage of some clearance sales on summer clothing to get them through the first month.


Although you may not consider a TV a back to school purchase, if your child is heading to college, they might ask for one for their apartment or dorm room. However, purchasing a TV during the summer months is not recommends as it is typically a bad time to find deals. Instead, try waiting until November when you can find the lowest prices of the year on TVs during Black Friday sales.

School Supplies

It makes more sense to wait until you receive a proper supply list from your child’s teachers or teacher before you make any purchases. You don’t want to end up buying the wrong supplies or too much of something. If it’s possible try to get your kid by for a few weeks, as you will also find huge markdowns on school supplies at large retailers like Target after Labor Day. On top of this, an article by US News recommends that you avoid buying cute or designer mechanical pencils, as pencils tend to get lost within the first months of school and you will have wasted money on something you can purchase a simple version of for much cheaper.

Tablets and iPhones

Even young children are taking smartphones to classes these days. However, if you are tempted to purchase one for your kid before he or she heads to school then hold off until late fall, as this is when newer models will become available, and older models will go on sale. The same goes for Tablets, as you won’t find any deals on them before school starts due to such a high demand. Instead, wait until Black Friday deals start where you’ll find considerable discounts on this electronic. Otherwise, you may also want to cross a Tablet off your list all together, as laptops tend to be cheaper and more practical.

Trendy Items

If you plan on purchasing your child a lunchbox or backpack before school begins then you risk having them change their mind about what they want once they see what all the other kids are bringing to school. Instead, try having your child wear their current gear for a few days or weeks before going out to purchase new ones. This way you can make sure you are buying the gear that your child will be happy with for the entire year. On top of this, you can get great deals on items after the back-to-school rush is over.

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