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If you love your Starbucks fix, but your wallet is not as fond of your habit, you are in luck because there are ways to get your fix while saving money. These simple tricks will help you chop your Starbuck’s bill down while still allowing you to get your caffeine fix – it’s a win-win for everyone and the baristas never have a problem with any of these orders.

Iced Lattes on the Cheap

If iced lattes are your vice, there is an easy way to get one for almost half of the regular price. Instead of ordering the iced latte, ask for 3 shots of espresso over ice, but you have to ask for it in a Venti cup. The reason behind the larger cup is to give you room for the milk you are going to add at the condiment bar. Now that you just added free milk, you made your shots of espresso a latte for a fraction of the price!

Make your Own Chai Tea Latte

Chai tea lattes are delicious, but sometimes they can be too sweet and too pricey at Starbucks. Instead, order a Tazo chai tea bag with a cup of hot water and steamed milk. If the barista is skilled enough, he will add the maximum 1 ½ inches of steamed milk at no charge – if the amount of milk goes over that 1 ½ inch mark, you will be charged roughly sixty cents for the milk, which is still a significant savings when you add the price of the tea bag and milk compared to the Chai Tea Latte itself.

Go Shorter

You might not know that Starbucks has a smaller cup than the “small” that shows up on their menu. Instead of the “tall”, which is their version of the small, order the “short” and you will get an 8-ounce drink, which is 4 ounces, less than the tall and a little easier on the wallet. The best news yet, is if you will be drinking your coffee at a Starbucks location, you can get refills for just fifty cents on your same visit, even on this small size! As an added bonus, if you have a registered Starbucks card, you can get free refills after your fifth purchase – an even better deal!

Make your Own Iced Tea

When you go to Starbucks, the last thing you are thinking about is making your own tea, but if it can save you $1.50 or more, chances are you will do it. All that you have to do is order a tea bag in the flavor you prefer and a cup of ice water. Add the tea bag to the ice water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes and you have yourself a delicious cup of Starbucks Iced Tea for a mere fraction of the original price.

Ask for a Larger Cup

When you order your standard coffee order, ask for it to be placed in the next size or even two sizes up. The barista is typically happy to do this and most will even add a little more to your cup and still charge you for the smaller size that you ordered. This way, you get a little extra coffee for your money and you also have room to add your milk without having to dump coffee out and essentially dump money down the drain.

Order the French Press

If you spend your days at a Starbucks, drinking your coffee and working, order a French Press coffee rather than just a cup. The French Press will run you around $4.50, but will yield you many cups of coffee, whether you are looking for a large caffeine buzz or are going to share with friends, it is a great deal considering one cup of coffee can cost at least that much.

Don’t Pay for Overpriced Water

If you frequent Starbucks and always find yourself grabbing a bottle of water to go, you are wasting money. Instead, ask the barista for a free cup of iced water, which comes in one of their fancy Starbuck’s cups and costs you nothing. The best part is that the water is triple filtered, which means that the free water is probably even healthier for you than the bottled version that cost you a bundle of money.

These Starbucks hacks have been tested over and over again and really work! If you find yourself going to Starbuck’s several times a week (or even daily), implement some of these tricks to start saving some serious money on your coffee habit. Just think, if you saved $10 a week on your habit, that equals $520 a year! That is a lot of extra spending money that you didn’t have before and you didn’t even have to sacrifice your favorite drink.

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