Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit in California

Finding the right bad credit loan for you in California can take a long time. There are so many places where you can find one of these loans, but it doesn’t always mean they’re going to offer you the right terms. When searching for a lender which services people with bad credit, you must take into account the terms, the interest rates, and the amount they’ll allow you to borrow. To set you on your way, here are some ideal lenders in California which have favorable terms and make an effort to help borrowers take out and pay back their loans. All of the places listed below have loans available for people with bad credit in California.


One Loan Source


One Loan Source is a payday and personal loan company offering loans of up to $25,000 for up to a maximum period of five years. The amount you can borrow depends on your credit history, but they’re also open to secured loans if you want to borrow a larger amount of money.


You can apply for a loan online or apply in one of their offices. They have land-based stores in a number of Californian cities, including San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Yuba City.


United Lending Services Co.


ULSC is a lending company offering loans worth up to $20,000 throughout California. They specialize in matching lenders with borrowers. Unlike other companies, they don’t charge a fee unless they actually find someone who is willing to offer the loan. There’s a small fixed fee of $29 to get started with ULSC, but this is the only expense. And you don’t have to sign any contracts.


They have a higher than average match rate. Figures released by the company state 97 per cent of applicants managed to secure the loan they were looking for. is an online lending company based in California. They offer smaller loans than the above examples at only $10,000 per borrower. The application process is completely transparent and clearly displays the interest rates and any additional terms and conditions.


You can expect a quick decision on your application.


SOS Loans


SOS Loans is a bad credit loan company offering small amounts of money up to $5,000. It’s by far the quickest company on this list. It only takes about five minutes to apply for a loan, with all the information to hand. And within an hour you can expect a final decision, which you’ll find out by looking to see if the money has been wired directly into your account.


Although it’s an online company, it offers a live chat system where you can talk to one of their representatives in real-time.


What About Banks?


People with bad credit should avoid banks in the current economic climate. All the major banks like Union Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo aren’t interested in risky loans. Unless you want to put your house up as collateral, you won’t get a bad credit loan from one of these institutions. Don’t waste your time by applying to them.


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