Surprising Ways Volunteering Can Save You Money

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A multitude of recent research is shedding light on the real power of volunteering. In fact, the old saying, that those who serve almost always benefits more from it than from those who are served rings true. Whether you are ordered by a court to perform community service, are required to do it for a class, or feel the desire to help out, you’ll find volunteering to be an extremely enriching experience and on top of that, you may even find several financial benefits to doing so. Let’s take a look at five financial benefits of volunteering.

Helps You Develop Skills

Volunteering in a skill-based position is an outstanding way to develop your talents to aid you in getting that promotion or raise. In fact, volunteering is often considered an executive training ground for the multitude of skills that are learned from it. Many corporations invest in skills-based volunteering programs for their employees solely because of the skills that are developed in leadership and technical areas.

Helps You Build Your Resume

One major financial perk to volunteering is that it adds another line to your resume that looks great to potential employers. When interviewing for a new job, employers like to choose candidates that have some amount of volunteering experience. Having experience in volunteering says a lot to potential employers about the type of person that you are. Companies often choose candidates who seem passionate about a certain cause and have dedicated time to bettering their community. It does not necessarily matter which cause you want to volunteer in, as long as you can show that you’ve devoted a substantial amount of time to it. In other words, volunteering makes your resume juicy, which can be reason enough to do it.

Can Help You Switch Industries or Careers

Those who are interested in changing industries may want to start out by volunteering in that industry to help switch fields. This seems always to be the truth with those professionals that are highly skilled in their particular field. For example, business consultants or investment bankers who wish to work in another industry. Additionally, if you want to switch over from the corporate world to a position in the nonprofit sector, then doing some volunteer work can be an excellent way to dip your feet in and show that you are committed to shifting fields.

You Will Make Connections

In the employment world, it is not about what you know as much as it is about the people you know. You make connections by being involved in volunteering because it connects you to your fellow volunteers, agency, and leaders. An excellent way to get your foot in a door for your dream job that you hope to land one day is to do volunteer work in that field. You may be surprised by how many opportunities come up by making connections with the people you meet through your volunteer work. On top of this, you can create a professional relationship with those who could recommend you for employment in the future. Essentially, volunteering gives you the chance to network and meet people that you need to know without having to pay for expensive mixers.

You Will be a Healthier Person

One study done by the Corporation for National & Community Service Report found that volunteering helps you lead a healthier lifestyle and, in fact, those that volunteer live longer, which means you can enjoy your financial success for a longer period. Volunteering also leads to lower depression rates and greater functional ability, which makes you more productive in your work life. Additionally, being a healthier person means that you spend less money on medical bills.

How Do You Find Volunteer Opportunities?

Volunteering is incredibly easy, as all you have to do is post about your wishes on LinkedIn or Facebook to connect with an organization that you want to work with. You can also look into joining LinkedIn’s For Good volunteer program or Volunteer Match to discover opportunities in your area.

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