Tricks for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Although eating healthy on a budget is indeed more difficult, it is not impossible, and so being low on money should not be an excuse to eat poorly. Luckily there are ways to eat a nutritious meal without breaking the bank. Here are five ways of cooking a delicious as well as healthy meal when you are on a tight budget.

Make Food that’s Microwavable

When on a budget it isn’t a savvy move to make things that won’t be edible when reheated or cold the next day. This means avoiding crispy food and foods with bread. One example of a great meal that can be assembled later on is Bahn Mi, which is a very healthy vegetarian dish in which you can pre-make everything and simply add an egg afterwards. Cooking meals that are microwavable friendly doesn’t mean that you have to stick with stews and soups, as there are plenty of different microwave-friendly meals that you can try. This makes it incredibly easy to make a meal that can last a couple of days, saving you a substantial amount of money.

Buy Vegetables That Are On Sale

It’s very nice to purchase local and organic produce. However, it is also extremely expensive and can be difficult to find good deals. What is more essential is that you and your family are able to purchase inexpensive and healthy food. This means separating organic with health food, as organic foods aren’t always healthy and healthy foods aren’t always organic. For instance, you can buy kale for a dollar a pound at your local supermarket, or pay 3 dollars per pound for organic kale at a Whole Foods or a farmers market. It is also a good idea to find the grocery stores in your area that are cheaper and have fresher produce.

Find Asian Grocery Stores in Your Area

Compared to many Asian grocery stores, Western ones have a limited variety of vegetables, spices and rice that usually come with a higher price. By trekking over to your local Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. supermarkets you can find a wide selection of produce as well as different spices for great prices. You can also buy larger quantities of food, such as large bags of jasmine rice for much cheaper than you could get in smaller quantities elsewhere.

Purchase Cheap Proteins

You can find plenty of protein in eggs, chicken and pork without going out of your budget with expensive cuts of meat. Eggs are a very cheap protein option and are a great source of iron for kids and adults alike. You also don’t have to make meat the center of your meal. In fact, it is recommended that the amount of vegetables on your plate should be more than the meat. It is guaranteed that if you consume a pound of vegetables, you wont even have room for a pound of meat.

Purchase Frozen Fruit, Canned Goods, and Dry Goods

Canned tomatoes and beans are extremely cheap and are also very healthy. So are frozen fruit, such as blueberries, which can be made into a healthy dessert. Buying dry goods such as quinoa and brown rice when they go on sale is a great way to save money as well. This way you won’t have to worry about your groceries going bad within the week, as you’d typically do with fresh produce. However, make sure to keep sodium levels in check with the canned items that you buy, and avoid pre-spiced items as these usually contain the most salt.

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